Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Heart Disease Risk Factors

Heart Disease Risk Factors are factors that contribute to the odds of dying from heart disease..Heart Disease is what you don't want to die from!
These risk factors of heart disease are the odds that you will die from Heart Disease. The greater your personal risk factors are, the greater your odds are, that “you will die from heart disease”.

Consider this:

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the western world... The general population odds of dying from heart disease are:
One in Two.That is 1:2!
Those are the general population odds. Our individual odds depend on our own risk factor profile.
• Do you know what your risk factor for heart disease is?
• Do you know what the heart disease risk factors are?
If you answered no, to any of these questions, how do you expect to reduce your odds and avoid heart disease?

Do your self the greatest favor:

... begin educating yourself on what the heart disease risk factors are, and what causes heart disease. Doing so, will teach you what the necessary actions you must take to reduce your odds.

The Heart Disease Risk Factors that lead to the leading cause of death are avoidable

You don't have to die from it. You can choose to control the causes, before the degenerative process begins...
These are the most common risk factors associated with heart disease high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking such as having High LDL , Low HDL, high Triglycerides , and being overweight .
Over the past few years major emphasis has been put on the role genes, stress and depression have on developing heart disease. One thing is for sure as seen by these risk factors statistics, that unhealthy nutrition, combined with physical inactivity causes obesity and diabetes both of whom are independent risk factors for heart heart disease.
Other less known risk factors are C Reactive Protein high Homocysteine , and oral hygiene.

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